Tuesday, March 2, 2010


27th February 2010 was Australia's Gay and Lesbians Mardi Gras. We were supposed to go for the parade. At least to be physically there to witness gays and lesbians marching in gay-wear. Alas! We never did see the parade. It was blazing hot that day you see; heat zaps energy from humans. And we, I particularly, do not like crowds. Enticed by the prospect of a good dinner followed by real dessert, we easily settled for the latter. On our way to dinner however, we did catch a glimpse of the Mardi Gras; crazy people in crazy get-up.

Kasumi, a Japanese Izakaya and restaurant, is located corner of Liverpool street and Dixon street, opposite an Indonesian restaurant. A Japanese cashier at the Japanese grocer recommended this restaurant when I asked where has good sushi, proudly proclaiming that she works there as well. I would love to hire her for my patisserie in the future, haha.

Stella, Elise and I were the first customers in the restaurant at about 6pm.

We ordered a 300ml bottle of hakushika sake to share. At first it didn't taste like much, it is a little sweet but dry at the same time. But when eaten with sashimi, it became really really sweet. This has got to be the first time for me where the wine (sake in this case) is affected by food.

Sashimi platter. It is not top of the top, but it is fresh.

Soft-shell crab roll. The sushi rice is really tasty. So tasty that in fact I suspect that they used the sushi powder mix... There is not much of soft-shell crab in it though. All I remembered was rice. Right: Cold roasted duck slices, I don't remember the name already, haha. You eat it with the wholegrain mustard. I think it was alright, not too dry and nicely pink in the center. But I thought it could use abit more salt for flavour.

Grilled Kobe beef $16.80. We originally wanted to get the Wagyu steak, but were told by the waitress that they are similar, only difference is the grilled kobe beef is done Japanese style, well and cheaper as well. The beef is quite good, very juicy and tender, but I don't think it is wagyu. Firstly, the price is totally not convincing (I stereotype yes but that is the truth). Secondly, and more importantly, the beef lacks that melt in your mouth quality. I'm not upset though, since it's not like we were cheated or anything, merely misinformed. ._.

We were so full after that, but still managed to gobble up another plate of grilled shisamo. Overall, food is not bad for the price. We paid about $33 each. Probably will come back to try their set lunches. haha. On to dessert!


Shop 2, 6-12 Harbour Street

Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone (02) 9283 6678


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