Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yellow Bistro

I went to Yellow again. There are some pastries that I would like to try (including the elusive date tart, though no luck this time as well. the weather is too hot, the chef said), and I had promised Elise and Stella that we would go this week.

Cappuccino- Single Origin, $3.45. Coffee is not as good as Toby's Estate. I could still taste a slight bitter in the coffee and the aroma is not as strong.

Croque Madame, $18.98. When I saw it on another table the last time I came with Ja, I knew I had to return to try it. It is pricey, as with all things here, but they are generous with their portion and it is quality food as well. Croque madame is basically 2 slices of pan-fried toasts stuffed with melted Gruyere cheese, generous ham servings and a runny yellow egg. There is a thick sweet chilli paste at the side, which I slathered onto the toast. It goes well together, savoury and sweet. Best part of it was the melting cheese and the golden crisp toast. It was so good... I remember the three of us just eating and not talking. We shared one plate; must leave some space for the pastries.

Strawberry Marscapone, $11.50. I like it! Coconut dacquoise (three layers), filled with light marscapone cheese and halved strawberries. Refreshing and fragrant. Coconut flavour is very intense, lots of dessicated coconut for texture. People who are not keen on coconut shouldn't like this, but people like me, who loves coconut, will rejoice! I particularly like how the chef has slightly caramelized the top, giving a bit of colour to contrast the pale marscapone and dacquoise layers.

Chocolate Ganache with Raspberries, $12.65. At first look, I assumed it was an Opera. It looked like one, you know, the classic chocolate glaze with gold leaf decor. It was Stella who brought this cake to our attention. Thick and luscious chocolate ganache? (from the colour i would think it is a mousse), fresh raspberries (middle layer) and very very moist and chocolatey sponge layers (i suspect it is flourless chocolate sponge). The top is covered by chocolate glaze and a sprinkle of gold-dusted bits of nuts. (who would have thought to dust your nuts with gold?)

One wonders how did they set the price to include all these weird cents and decimals..

I was so so full by the end of it. Almost too full to have lunch... but I did anyway, haha.

Yellow Bistro and Food Store

57 Macleay Street, Potts Point 2011 NSW

Phone: 9357 3400


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