Monday, March 8, 2010

La Renaissance

After pyrmont market, in need of something cold and sweet, Elise and I decided to walk from Pyrmont to Circular Quay, to La Renaissance.

Sitting in the courtyard garden of La Renaissance, armed with a glass of cold orange juice each and two cold desserts, we nursed our tired and dehydrated bodies from walking 2.6km on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

La Renaissance is famous for their creme brulee. We didn't try it the last time we were here, so Elise got it this time. There is ample sugar on the top although it doesn't look like it. When Elise brought her creme brulee to the table, I said: you want to get more sugar for that? Yeah, probably. But when we tested our spoons on the surface, we found that there was sugar alright, just not enough colour. I suppose La Renaissance used white sugar, because Bourke Street Bakery's brulee tart has got a more intense colour, and they use brown sugar. The custard was very smooth and light, with lots of vanilla seeds in it (which were discovered when we reached the bottom of the ramekin).

Zulu- Valrhona “Araguani” 72% and Jivara 40% chocolate mousse with a chewy salted caramel “Araguani” Ganache centre, macaron biscuit and flourless chocolate biscuit base. Eat in $9.00
Take away $8.00. I originally wanted to get the creme brulee too. But I saw Zulu, this smooth velvety dome marred by a messy smear of bright, chocolate glaze, beautiful... I'll take that. It did not disappoint. It tasted as interesting as it sounded on the description card, though I had imagined the ganache center to be a mildly sweet and salty adzuki bean paste. Don't know why, it just tasted like sweet salty bean to me. The Valrhona chocolate mousse was wow.

La Renaissance Café Patisserie

47 Argyle Street

The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000


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