Monday, March 8, 2010

Pyrmont Market

Time flies. It is already my second pyrmont market visit this year. I use my visits to pyrmont market to measure the time I spent in Sydney. Pyrmont market only happens once a month (the first Saturday of each month), and I do make it a point to go every time, you see. To sum up, it is my 7th week in Sydney now, two more to go and I'll be home in Singapore. =)

Elise and I arrived at the market later than usual. It was blazing hot when we got there, and to our horror the market stalls were starting to close... Since when the market closes this early? It's barely half past ten in the morning. It never occur to me to check the closing time of the market since I was always there super early and usually left before the stalls started closing. Well, now I know, pyrmont market starts at 7am, closes at 11am.

Consummate: my favourite artisan bread baker. I planned to buy my beloved olive bread (best olive bread I reckon in Sydney) but it was sold out. All that was left were a few pathetic looking baguettes and a meager selection of pastries. I settled for a baby sourdough (they call it The Little One $3, cute right?) from La Tartine which is quite good. In fact I tried to recreate Yellow's croque madam this morning with the sourdough. Yumm.

Breakfast: Bacon and egg sourdough roll with chilli jam from Consummate, $5. Best bacon and egg roll in the market simply because they go to the trouble to use proper sourdough roll. Chilli jam is a bonus.

Our favourite coffee in Sydney: Toby's Estate. A cappuccino and a latte, $3 each. I really like toby's estate coffee. It is strong, very full-bodied and smooth. And when you have it with milk (cafe au lait), it is naturally sweet, no need to add sugar.

It is my first time seeing a portable pizza oven. wow. It was only when we were having our bacon and egg rolls that we saw the pizza stall at the far end of the market. Fresh pizza! Will try the next time if it is still there.

This caught my eye. Prickly pears! with a caution sign on it. And incidentally, during school yesterday, we learned that there is a Prickly Pear Festival in Turkey. I wonder if there is a connection...

Pyrmont Growers' Market

Opposite Star City, Sydney, NSW

First Saturday of each month

7am - 11am


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