Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cafe 2000

I have a roommate! Stella's cousin, J, from Taiwan is staying with us, in my room, for the time being until she finds a room for herself. Now, I can say I have truly experienced room-sharing with a complete stranger. haha. Quite entertaining. We talked to sleep, I French-plaited her hair, she offered me Taiwan health food, I put on facial mask in front of her. We don't act like strangers at all. haha. And it is such a pleasure to converse in Chinese with a Taiwanese. I laugh most of the time when talking to her. haha.

It's Balmain again! I am hooked to this place. There is something new to discover everytime I go there. But this time, I played safe and went back to cafe 2000 for my second round of Italian flavour.

I missed coke. I've realised I have actually lived without coke for nearly a month. Spaghetti mare & terra (chicken and prawns) and white bait pancakes with aioli. I am falling in love with Italian food. The spaghetti sauce has so much flavour and yet it is so light. It surprised me. I really like it.

Gelato. Freshly made in the cafe. Taste awesome. Full-flavoured, smooth textured, superb eating quality. I chose chocolate and brandy flavours. There is enough brandy in the gelato to make you feel giddy. haha.
Stella, J and I. I am seriously going to hit the gym. No aikido, no kick-boxing. Just pure gym activity. Please spur me on. :D

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