Sunday, August 3, 2008

My doggy issue

Vicky, the most human dog ever.

I think I am too free right now. Images of fluffy, cuddly, bright-eyed dogs keep popping up in my head. I imagine Vicky running towards me, towards my bed, and cuddling next to me this very moment. Oh my Vicky, wherest art thou? You know, my mum did offer to send Vicky over. But after finding out about the 30 days quarantine and all the injections and blood samples my dog has to endure, I don't quite have the heart to continue. To do so, I would have to be completely irrationally selfish. *big sigh here* Over on the left, I was trying to get Vicky to smile. She never does smile for the camera.

Then, I thought I could have a dog (buy or adopt) in Australia and bring it back to Singapore with me. There is no quarantine I heard. But, but, but, mum doesn't allow. *another big sigh here*

You know what, I should really start working to get my mind off all these. I have recently got my work permit approved. Hooray!
Yup, that was me. At a tender age of 16, when the fats haven't settled into permanent residency. That was taken on my prom night, which explains the hair, make-up and everything. You see, I have come into a bet with Aileen. I will return to Singapore, a super slim and sexy me. Similarly, Aileen will find a way, be it via drugs or anorexia, to become a super slim and sexy her when she sees me back in Singapore. The stake, one thousand Singapore dollars. I really mean it this time. Basically, all I have to do is to lose 7 bloody kilos and I am done. I will figure out a way. So folks residing in Singapore, expect a super slim and sexy me for the New Year!

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