Saturday, February 27, 2010

Black Star Pastry

I have heard so much about black stay pastry. From Stella who said: have you tried black star? at newtown, really good. From Ja, her blog says it all. From the magazine: new kid on the block, currently most exciting pastisserie. From Rowena: these puny little cakes cost a bomb, but they are gorgeous!

So here I am, after about 20mins of aimless walking (up and down Newtown) then finally realising black star is actually just across the train station. Black Star Pastry, a hole in the wall bakery with tiny stools and tables that you would probably find in a kindergarten, serving a small selection of very fine pastries.

Looks so beautiful! But I didn't try this. Too full from lunch for a solid cake.

I went for the watermelon cake instead. Watermelon! Can you imagine? I can't when I first heard about it. Almond and probably hazelnut dacquoise, super light buttercream, sandwich in a slice of watermelon then top with generous halved strawberries= Sweet, slighting crunchy (from the crisp dacquoise and watermelon) and super refreshing (thanks to the presence of summery fruits and airy buttercream). Wow, man.

Pistachio macaron. The meringue layer is made the way it should be (and the way I like it); dense, slightly chewy center, crunchy top. Elise and I were wondering how did the chef stick so much pistachio bits onto the meringue without causing it to go out of shape. The filling though is urghh. I do not like pistachio paste. The chef used pistachio paste for this, it tastes the same as the one we used in school. urghh, taste like medicine..
Cute, tiny place.

Enjoy the sun while it last.

Black Star Pastry

277 Australia St. Newtown 2042.

Tel : (02) 9557 8656


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Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I never tried watermelon cake yet.. will soon.. and the pistachio macaron, u just sprinkle the chopped pistachio on top before baking.. It is fine to do.. I like his macarons, so beautiful!