Monday, June 23, 2008


I am so happy that I am finally going to be assessed! Haha. You all are going to wonder why am I so happy about being assessed. After all, it is the dreaded examinations. Well, if you see it my way, assessment is bloody brilliant. First, it means I am going to be promoted to intermediate class which is going to waaayyy more exciting than basic. ( I am so looking forward to it!) Second, it means that the term holidays are approaching! Which also means that, I'll be going back home! To Singapore! (Cue: National Anthem.) YES! And then, to Tokyo for a very gastronimic experience. :D YES YES YES! Life is good~

By they way, little details about my assessment. Assessment will be carried over 4 days, 3 practical and 1 theory. For practical, we will be asked to make vol-au-vents, coffee eclairs and a tarte aux fruit. Piece of cake. :D As for theory, we will be assessed on our knowledge of the different techniques and definitions, and the properties and functions of ingredients. Sounds cool. Anyway, wish me luck~


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