Sunday, June 15, 2008


12.06.2008 Thursday.

I am spending money like crazy. haha. Lots of eat-outs though I still have a whole larder of food at home. It has become an addiction now. A very wallet-hurting addiction. :C Anyway, this is my next food hunt destination: Makoto. It is supposedly the best sushi bar in Sydney. So yeah, I guess it justifies my need to try it out. :D

Makoto is good. As good as Sushi Tei at Vivocity back in Singapore. Maybe a little more sophisticated in their presentation of food. However, to me, Japan is so infinitely better. (I am biased.) Makoto is very wallet-hurting too. I spent $32.50 in total. There goes my allowance for the week. :Q I ordered the $25 special set which is in the last two pictures. It has a big platter of nigiri sushi and a seafood miso soup. I also shared a spider maki and a salmon belly sushi with Cynthia. It was way too much for the both of us. Waayyyy tooo muucchh.

Overall, the fish was fresh. They didn't compromise on the quantity of the ingrediants either. But one drawback was they used too much condiments on the sushi. Perhaps Makoto did it to cater to the palette of Sydney but I think you shouldn't overpower the fresh ingrediants of the sushi with lots of mayonaise or tonkatsu sause or whatever. It defeats the purpose of eating sushi anyway. So there. Makoto for youu. :D

Makoto- City
119 Liverpool St. (Cnr Pitt & Liverpool St.) Sydney NSW 2000
T: (02) 9283 6767 F: (02) 9283 6775
Open 7 days from 5.30pm
*Best to go early to avoid that super queue which starts to get really long by 6.30pm


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