Friday, June 13, 2008

Tarte Tarti, Creme Brulee.

I am lagging in posts. So many posts behind time. haha. I am going to do it all today! yes! Okayy, liver looking pear tart was yesterday. Today, we've got baby poop looking tarte tartin. A banana tarte and a apple tarte. Tart tartin generally means a puff pastry base with baked fruits on top. Traditionally it is done with apples but in the modern world, you can put anything on it, pineapple, peaches, prunes, apricots, figs, blah blah.

Banana tarte tartin was something extra Chef Micheal made. Looks great and taste better than the apple tarte tartin. Ofcourse, the more ripe the bananas, the sweeter the tarte, hence better tasting. We've only got half green bananas. --_--
The real baby poopy tarte tartin. haha. Taste great too.
You bake the apples on a bed of sugar and butter, then you bake your puff pastry base. Put them together, you get tarte tartin!

Creme Brulee. Burnt sugar. Taste like egg yolks when hot, eew. On the other hand, taste like heaven when chilled. End.

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