Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fish Market

We woke up at 10am after the potluck. haha. A new late for us. Anyway, we got to the Sydney Fish Market today. Took a bus to Town Hall and walked all the way there. Beautiful day, beautiful weather. Perfect for walking. :D

A lazy Saturday.
Two very different peace!
Awww. so sweet.
A half an hour walk. Fish market don't sell much fish. It sells more of restaurants.
Stella ordered a seafood platter.
My brother insisted on beer-battered barramundi with chips. $9.50. I bet he is going to fall sick the minute he gets back to Singapore.
That is mine. Shared with all. Pacific oysters. $8.00. Not too bad, it is fresh at least but no taste. I had a tuna belly sushi too. That is baaddd.

This is the kuku pelican that we saw in the parking lots.
My brother can walk on water... o.OEnd.

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Bean Sprout said...

I have tried oyster, seafood platter already..but not fish and chips and tuna belly yet..Is it good?...why tuna belly was bad?