Monday, June 30, 2008

Sushi Tengoku

Sushi Tengoku, Sydney. After hearing so much about the super giant sushi they serve, I can finally say: been there, done that in Sydney. The sushi they serve is fresh and larger than all others in Sydney but I can't really say their sushi is superb (in terms of taste) and really huge (in size). After all, I have seen (and eaten) the top quality and humongous ones in Japan. Even in Hong Kong I have eaten top quality, huge sushi. So nothing real special here. Then again, if you're in Sydney and you are craving for good old big sushi, Sushi Tengoku is the place. You even have to book in advance to be sure of a space in the restaurant.Me and Cynthia.
Sam and Stella.
The food (from top to bottom, left to right): Baked scallops and salmon (i really like this one. refreshing taste), Salmon head teriyaki (okay, this is not salmon head teriyaki. i repeat, this is not...), Scallop sushi (3 layers of scallops), California roll, Soft-shell crab roll (i commend on them for giving us the eggy part of the crab :D), Tempura udon (urghh, salted water...), Salmon sushi and Chawan mushi.

Lights out.

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