Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baked cheesecake, chilled cheesecake

I was blog hopping and I read this entry on my brother's blog, in chinese. I was blown. I never never realise he can write. Wow. Maybe he will become a writer one day. (JD, i know your head must be swelling right now. ) He does express himself better on paper though talking to him is such a pain in the ass. (there, i just burst your bubble :) )

Et viola, cheesecakes for my last lesson in basic. It is official that I passed, the whole class passed in fact, and we will be getting our basic patisserie certificate in 6-8 weeks. But knowing the miserable productive capacity of the Adelaide office, Sam concluded that we will only get our papers by the end of 15 weeks. Owells, I can wait.

Cheesecake, oh cheesecake, the ever popular favourite. XY would love those we made today. It puts the cheesecakes we have in Singapore (NYDC, Coffee club, Coffee bean etc.) to shame. The flavour, the lightness, the texture and the appearance are all very well presented in both the baked and the chilled versions. (I like the baked one better though. My tongue likes it better.)

Chef Micheal's creations. Very beautiful, aren't they. These are all chilled cheesecake, presented differently. Baked cheesecake, on the other hand, should not be decorated in any way except when to be plated.

Swiss military in strawberries, haha. I am so over fed with strawberries. We had like 6 punnets of strawberries on the table for the fruit jelly and for deco. I just kept stuffing my face with them. My own creation of an individual sized chilled cheesecake. :D

A trayful of them.

Two large baked cheesecake that my bench partners did. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L tasting. I got to bring one of them home. :DWho ate my cheesecake?! oh, it's Chef Micheal's. haha


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