Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hunter Valley

Thursday, 3rd July. I drank 3-in-1 superbrand cereal at 7.30am. Grabbed my big bag of goodies, donned my wind-breaker, poofy jacket and went out of the house. What is wrong with this image? Well, it is a non-school day, therefore it is a general rule to stay in bed until the clock strike at least 9am. Oh yeah, it's Hunter Valley-day today.

Hunter Valley, is a 2 hour drive from Sydney. It is not unlike from Singapore to Malacca, except that Hunter Valley is so so much larger than Malacca. Hence, to make a day trip to Hunter Valley work, we have had to wake up early. Or so we thought. It didn't work out as well as we would like to. Lesson learnt: Be wise and stay for at least a couple of nights. I will tell you why. 1st: The sun sets at 5pm. Driving in the dark, with no street light, in a ulu pandan place is no joke. And do you know how many river-crossing we have to do in order to get to the cheese farm? (we didn't get there anyway. lost our way. haha.) Without light, you're stuck. 2nd: Hunter Valley is big. When I say big, I am not referring to from bukit timah to woodlands. To get from the entrance of Hunter Valley to the olive farm is like from east coast to johore bahru. From the olive farm to the vineyard is just as far. So, now do you think 1 day is enough? We had plenty fun though, and that is enough for me. :D

On the road. Sam was driving, Hong was entertaining/gossiping with him. Heidi and Stella meditated at the back seats. :) These are olive trees. We went to the olive farm first, where I bought 1 caramelised balsamic vinegar, 1 pomegranate balsamic vinegar and 1 sea salt. They have pink sea salt~

Furry cows. I didn't know cows can grow an extra layer of insulation until I saw them. Apparently, they are bred for their meat, not milk because I see no milk farm up here.

Lunch straight after. We went for standard Australian pub fare. Fish and chips, and steak with "period"-looking sauce. (haha, Sam, i just had to say this. It really really look like it. Give it a little more red and it will be spot-on! haha.) Eating with 2 cuisine graduate is -_-. You cannot eat in peace without some comments or critic. I shouldn't say that because I am like that with pastry too. haha.

1 more hour on the road to get to the wines.

Arrow Field Estate. :D Stella and I happily carried 6 bottles of wine (5 port, 1 botrytis). The port we bought were hmmmm. Good stuff! Not overly sweet, full flavoured and all. Port can be kept for as long as 30-40 years to fully develop the flavour. That is why we bought so many.


Next stop: Cheese farm. Despite our lengthy search, Hong's stupid wife (aka GPRS) can't tell us the exact address. Plus it was getting dark. Time to head back.

Therefore our last stop was the church of St. Micheal the archangel.

That is him. Reminds me of an Egyptian.

The bell beside the church.

Home sweet home.


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