Friday, July 11, 2008


I am into this mad, frenzied baking period now. See all these tarts? They were requested by my mum to give away. Oh well, good practice anyway. :D

Oh, the many perils of baking in a hot humid tropical country. I didn't expect the butter in my short pastry to melt so quickly that it sticks to the table. (I should be good in short pastry since I made it for assessment.) As a result, I had a really hard time picking up the rolled out pastry dough to place into the tins. (In the end, I molded the dough into the tins. haha. I also didn't expect to almost overcook my pastry cream since I can never overcook my pastry cream in school. So I was quite surprised when my cream had brown bits in them. yadda yadda. Tarte aux fruit and tarte aux pommes turned out fine. That is all I can ask for. And I am happy. :D (I bought Tahitian vanilla bean! $16 They smell so good!)

Tart 1: Strawberries and orange tart with vanilla flavoured pastry cream topped with lignon glaze.

Tart 2: In 2 sizes. Strawberries, orange and golden kiwi tart with vanilla flavoured pastry cream topped with lignon glaze.

Tart 3: Frangipane filled apple tart sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

My mum saved this for me! It was frozen, sitting in the freezer for 1 month, waiting for me. Mum-made sambal balachan rice dumpling!

Afternoon brought me to clarke quay to meet up with Aileen to get our hair done together. Lunch at ton ton, a Japanese eating place famous for their black pig tonkatsu. Tonkatsu was crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The way I like it. :)

I eat it with cold soba noodles. They serve pretty decent soba at tom ton.

Aileen mama! Can you tell the difference? From here, I guess not. Left to right: Before and After. She dreamed of colouring her hair for three months before finally came to actually doing it for real. She got red high-lights.

I didn't notice but I grew so fat while in Sydney. I can't fit into my summer clothes anymore. -_-" Anyway, before and after. Not much of a difference too. I dyed my hair dark brown and trimmed it a little. My mum commented that my hair was unruly. So there, nice and neat now.

Petite afternoon tea at Creme and Paisley, a cafe managed my a Le Cordon Bleu graduate. Mini cupcakes and one pot of earl grey. I don't find her stuff fantastic though.

Dinner at my father's place. He steamed half a shark head in chilli. Toooo spicy for me but I still eat it because it is sooo good.

Stir-fry prawns and abalone in vegetables. Who does that? Only my father.

My all-time-favourite dish. Tofu and mince pork. Give me a bowl of this and a plate of rice, I'll be very happy. My father likes to give more. And very often, he gives more that more. :)

Very happy, very full and very fat.


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