Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blue Mountains

I am really sleepy now, at 11:26pm. Zzzz...

Nevertheless, I will at least complete this post before going off to bed. haha. I am typing nonsensically now just to keep awake. So here goes.

Friday early morning, Stella and I were at the front of our house with 2 large bags. At 8.45am, we hoped into Roneel and Naomi's car, and off we go to the Blue Mountains. :D Below is the famous three sisters. Stella re-christened them the three fingers. Very aptly named I say.
After a 2 hour drive, we arrived at Katoomba for lunch.
The cafe have our favourite sparkling apple juice! yay. Stella and I each had a large lunch while R and N shared one huge lunch.

Sight-seeing at the three sisters and the river dam for the afternoon. Blue mountains is a really beautiful place despite its freezing temperatures. Day is about 8 degree Celcius while night usually goes below zero. brrrrr... But if you can stand the cold, do pop outside and view the starry starry night sky. Absolutely stunning.

We cooked our own dinner at the homestay. R prepared prawn curry for us which was positively lovely. We also had a variety of salad, lebanese bread and shredded chicken to complete the menu.
Bedtime. I got the upper bunk bed! My second experience in 4 years. N and R have got to be the smallest couple in Australia. They actually shared the single bed. Amazing. Stella looks cute in the picture. So so cute!

Breakfast. We ate the quiches and pissaladiere that we brought from home. And some scramble eggs by the side.

No. 14, the homestay we stayed in. $25 per person per night. It is not luxurious but with that kind of rate, especially with the fully equipped kitchen, you got to give and take. At least it was comfortable.

Best shot so far.

So the three sisters used to run about naked.

Following day for lunch, we dined at N's favourite Blue mountain cafe: Post, cafe and bar. Everything was perfect except for the weird paintings of hybrid women legs and ice-cream that were found hanging everywhere,

I had linguini with prawn and bacon, Stella had steak and N and R shared sandwiches and soup. Scrumptious.

Home sweet home. Thank you N and R for the lovely trip!

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welcome. It was nice as well. Anytime.