Saturday, July 5, 2008

Prymont Growers' Market

The one market I have been wanting to go. Prymont Growers' Market. Finally! after missing out on last month because we overslept. haha. This time Stella and I woke up at 5.30 in the morning and arrived a good 15 minutes before the agreed meeting time. Payback time. :D The growers' market is a market where all the primary producers all gather at Prymont Bay Park on the first Saturday of every month to sell their products. Expect to see gourmet food, fresh flowers and plenty of dogs in the area.

Stella and Soek at 7.30am.

Little tents like these fill up the entire area. You can smell food everywhere! Grilled bacon, fresh coffee, fried sausages...

Our breakfast. Our noses led us there. Egg and bacon roll with chilli jam. $5.

With New Jersey award-winning chocolate milk. $4.



Heidi, me.

Spinach in colours I have never seen before.

Fried ravioli. Free samples given out. Freshly made by this man! We were chatting to him and he decided to give us a bunch of the fried ravioli. How nice!

Another egg and bacon roll stall. This dish seems pretty popular here.

He will sharpen your knifes for $5 each.

The flowers. They are so tempting. I almost bought 2 pots of lavender back. I thought for a long time and then, urghh, too heavy.

I don't have the photos here but I bought 2 loads of things. 1 smoked rainbow trout $9 (for dinner), 1 sparkling apple juice $3, 1 danish pastry $3.50, 2 bottles of jams $12.50 and 1 dog bone $3. Plus I have to carry Stella's share home. Waaa.


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