Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chocolate macaroons, piped shortbread, biscotti, brasilia gateau.

People! Guess what, I passed my exams! yeeeeehaaaaaa! Not with top marks I am sure (since I messed up my anglaise) but hey, life is still good. (I am desperately in need of consolation though...)

Monday: Macaroons, piped shortbread and biscotti.

Piped shortbread dipped in chocolate. And when you bite into it, it should melt in your mouth. What heaven.

Brasillia gateau which has nothing to do with
Brasil. It consist of joconde, caramel buttercream in layers and lastly decorated with nougatine. Chef Karen's version.

My version. At the very last moment of decorating the cake, did I realise I cut my nougatine the wrong way. The nougatine pieces won't fit in together, hence the lop-sided design.


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