Friday, September 12, 2008

Ice-creams, Sorbet and Biscuits

I am tired. I have traveled many miles to drop my resume in 7 Patisseries today. It is a mad rush to get all the papers printed and ready. Worse still, the school's printer wouldn't take my mac format. So I had to type it all out today for the second time. Such luck.

Anyway, I am getting into shape. Slowly. I can run 2km without much effort but at a crawling speed. I would fail NAPFA miserably running this slowly. 20mins per 2km. Haha, one wonders how I pass my NAPFA with a Silver, no less. Gosh, I am pathetic. Nonetheless, I am very serious about loosing enough weight and body mass to fit into my Spring clothes. Which is about now, so Aileen, watch out!

This week's lesson on ice-creams and biscuits. Ice-creams have always been something mysterious and exciting for me. Until now. Right now, ice-cream is something that melts and stain your bag like crazy sort of irritating product. We made classic vanilla ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream and raspberry sorbet. For ice-creams, first, you make the anglaise, then you churn it, then viola! You have ice-cream!

I don't quite like our school's ice-cream recipe. I expected a richer and more textured ice-cream, not the sweet, super-smooth, almost commercial-like version. I was not very happy with it. Plus I have a one year supply of them sitting in my freezer. One year supply of not very good ice-cream. ._.

With the ice-creams we made, we wrapped them in sponge layers and meringue discs, and piped Italian meringue over. Then we torch it to give some colour. This we call Norwegienne Omelette. People in Norway eat this for breakfast.
In the Vacherin (meringue) shells, we canele ice-creams to put into the shells and we decorate with whatever that goes with ice-creams.
Also using Vacherin discs, ice-creams are sandwiched in-between and whipped cream is used to mask and decorate the exterior.
Our ice-creams.
My Omelette.
The biscuit (filler) lesson.

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