Monday, September 8, 2008


Another satisfying, relatively painless (on my wallet) meal. (And it's on the same day as The Little Snail! Ha!)

Later that day, we met Jaa and Sam for dinner. Jaa found this Japanese restaurant online and saw that it has good reviews. So we are here, Wagaya.

The food here is not bad, which quite surprises me. I am not used to good Japanese food in Sydney. The food here actually reminds me of those modern eateries in Japan. This restaurant is super modern. You order through this touch screen panel and your food arrives a few minutes later. It feels alien and awesome at the same time.

A grilled scallop and salmon maki. As with most of such open grilled maki, it has that melt-in-your-mouth quality. I like. The one on your right is a beef tongue stew. I have no comment because I don't usually eat beef tongue.

Unagi chazuke, is by far the best dish, in my opinion, we ordered. heehee, I miss Ochazuke! on your right, is Wagaya signature pizza dish. Which is, I believe, the worst out of all we've ordered. It has mochi on it. Freaking mochi. I have tasted mochi in chawanmushi, mochi in croquette, and they all taste bad. This one too.

Ahh, this is memorable. Salmon sushi roulette. One of this salmon sushi has lots and lots of wasabi in it. Guess what, I ate it. -_-" Right is eel and cheese spring roll. No surprise here, a pretty boring and straight-forward dish.

There, I have spent $20 bucks in all for such a nice meal. A rather good bargain, isn't it? :D


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