Friday, February 19, 2010

Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolat

My mission: Pastry hunt. First stop: Adriano Zumbo, the best patisserie in Inner West of Sydney. (Gourmet Traveller review)
Adriano Zumbo Cafe has sure expanded. Not in size, but in the additional chocolate display that wasn't here the last time I visited. As a result, the tables have to be shifted outside. But they sure have alot more chocolates now. As a side note, Adriano's macarons are so cute. They are heart-shape, left-overs from Valentine day no doubt. So cute! and big too.

I had cappuccino. Beautiful heart, but not so good coffee. I was surprised at their coffee. I didn't expect it to be so mediocre. Bitter cappuccino, not good. Right is the !Yeop! open toast. It is bread stuffed with cheese, chili, capers, toasted and topped with avocado and tomato. These three slices of sandwich took more than half an hour to arrive at our table... I found it a little too peppery. I'm not a pepper person so I might be biased. Yeop! is kind of normal, unlike what its name suggests.

Sticky date danish. I haven't tried, but sure looks good. It is still sitting in my fridge.

Choux pastry with a sable top. Inside is filled with a delicious pistachio cream and fresh raspberries, with an injection of dijion mustard creme anglaise in the center. This would be a seriously good pastry if not for the mustard cream. Too over the top weird for me. We dug out all the mustard cream and ate the rest.

Passionfruit tart, my all time favourite. Simple tart base, filled with smooth passionfruit custard. Yumm. Beautiful colours too.

Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat

308 Darling St. (inside Balmain Mall),

Balmain, Sydney


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