Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bourke Street Bakery

I am always excited to go to Bourke street bakery. It's because I don't get to go there often, this may be my third time only, having stay so far away. Also because this is such a good place for breads and pastries, the best they say.

9am, and the tables were all taken, with a queue .

Breakfast for 2. I secretly wished that I had the stomach of two people so that I can also try that delicious looking ham and cheese croissant and hazelnut twist too...

Lemon curd tart. The smoothest lemon custard paired with the awesome flaky tart, really simple yet so delicious. I am still amazed by the flaky tart base despite my eating it a number of times already. It surprises me still when I eat it. How can flaky and shortness co-exist so happily in a tart base? I cannot get around it.

Ginger brulee tart, $4.40. This has got to be one of my favourites of Bourke Street Bakery. I love love love the flaky tart crust, the thick luscious, ginger tinted custard, and the generous brittle burnt sugar.

Rhubarb almond tart, $4. It there anything that is not appetising in Bourke street bakery? Even this little humble tart is so good. The rhubarb is nicely sweet and sour, like the sour plum jam. It gives good colour contrast and keeps the almond tart moist. The almond tart, needless to say, is really fragrant. Together with the flaky tart base, again wow.

Carrot cake, $4.50 a slice. Can I say, best carrot cake in Sydney? and Singapore? Good thinking to sandwich the cream cheese frosting in the carrot cake instead of slapping it on top of the cake as frosting like the normal ones. It evens out the flavour, so that when you put a forkful in your mouth, you don't even one side carrot cake, one side cream cheese. chomp chomp chomp, all in my stomach now. =)

I am in bliss.

633 Bourke St

Surry Hills NSW 2010

(02) 9699 1011



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The creme brulee top is burnt! U get goosbumps whenever I see that! :(