Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sydney: A new chapter

When you see food like these appearing in my blog, it means I'm really back in Sydney.

After a year long break in Singapore (lazying around, working, learning a foreign language, meeting new people), I have returned to Sydney to complete my management course in Le Cordon Bleu. No running away this time.

I feel really comfortable now, in Sydney. No crying bouts, no homesickness. Strange, because I usually make a mess of myself during the first week of arrival. That fact I held out for nearly 3 weeks is an accomplishment. I guess now that I found direction, knowing what I want in life, I feel much more confident than the wondering, lost me when I first graduated from Superior Patisserie. Very focused now in my studies, which is absurdly easy compared to A-levels.... I plan to become one of the top students of my class, heh heh, one of the more realistic goals I made for the year. Part of my studies, an extra-curricular activity I made up myself, is to look for new pastry ideas- by eating lots and lots of pastry. See how fat I'll grow this time...

Just to show that I am not joking when I say I am very serious in my studies. These are the pastries that I have tried so far in my busy first month. Bottom left: Chocolate pistachio escargot. Right: Tart au citron.

Expect much more.

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