Wednesday, February 3, 2010

K-ki (ケーキ), the cake shop

K-ki is a cute little shop nestled in a quiet corner of Ann Siang Hill. This little shop comprises of two parts, a patisserie and a boutique selling paraphernalia (The Little Drom Store). Being a foodie, I'm only interested in the cake shop, though a boutique can be quite a bonus.

K-ki (ケーキ), pronounced "ke-ki", literally means cake. ケーキ (note the usage of Katakana here) is a direct import of the English language, because the original Japanese language do not have a word for western-type cake. Instead they have wagashi (和菓子), the traditional Japanese confectionery. Therefore ケーキ not only means cake, it also implies western-type pastry.

I like the interior of K-ki. The beauty of it is in its simplicity itself. White walls, with wooden elements and minimal decoration. It has the perfect image of a Japanese lifestyle shop.

Their selection of pastries is quite few for now, I guess it is because they have just opened. Flourless chocolate cake, cheese souffle, mont blanc, pumpkin creme caramel, antoinette, cafe dumo are some that sit in the cake counter. On the side, they also have little tea biscuits for sale. An interesting fact about K-ki, the owners do have have formal training in patisserie. I was told that the chef taught himself to make pastries from cookbooks. What's more, the owners are Singaporean, managing a Japanese lifestyle cafe from scratch. Impressive.

A latte with a tea biscuit, $4.50. Coffee is Nespresso. It was my first time drinking Nespresso, you know the capsule kind. I was pretty against it at first, thinking how it this different from those store bought ready ground coffee? But it turned out alright... haha
On the right, Mont Blanc. This Mont Blanc is different from the one we make in Glace Patisserie. It is much heavier, taste is stronger (sweeter in this case) and the texture is more rough. I prefer Glace's Mont Blanc. I thought K-ki's Mont Blanc did not reflect the taste and texture a Japanese Mont Blanc should have, which is light in both taste and texture. The owner explained to me because they modeled their Mont Blanc after the French traditional variety, therefore it wasn't what I had expected. On the other hand, the pumpkin creme caramel (on the left) was lovely! Very smooth and full of flavour, though it tasted a bit eggy to me that day, don't know why... Still good!

no. 7 ann siang hill



myfoodsirens said...

I love the cakes from K ki! =) Have tried many of their cakes but not the pumpkin pudding. Looks like an interesting one to get next time!

Heidi said...

myfoodsirens: Hi there! Sorry about the difference in opinions on the mont blanc. I read your blog, nice blog you have there. I never knew there is such a food blogging community in Singapore. amazing. =)

Anonymous said...

Just went there yesterday. It’s pretentious, the vintage stuff is very expensive and some dont event work, the Singaporean lady boss is rude and unwelcoming. If you’re looking for warm Japanese hospitality, it’s sorely lacking here. The staff are very too-cool-for-school in their designer tees and sneakers, and so are their icy personalities. The six of us spent $80 on cakes and drinks and stayed for about 2 hours. Yes the cakes were tasty especially the Flourless Choc Cake. The ambience is quaint and cosy with all four tables occupied. I went up to the cashier with my empty glass for the second time to ask for a refill of water. And she said in summary: “This is not a sit-down-and-eat place, it’s takeaway”. So what the heck are the chairs and tables for??

To think i was gonna order another round of cakes. Seriously, this is my first and last time here.