Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese New Year Dinner 2010

With E's housemates, we each contributed a dish, thus came up with the holy trinity.

My contribution: 鱼生 "yee sang". It was really good, even for me. I was up chopping and slicing at 12pm. Everything was made from scratch. Let's see, it has carrots, cucumber, purple cabbage, pickled ginger, pickled seaweed, pineapple, pickled daikon and mandarin orange peel. The sauce is real simple mixture of good plum sauce, lime juice, sesame oil and lots of toasted sesame seeds. Last but not least the sashimi! I cannot imagine yee sang without fresh, raw, sweet, thick slices of fish... We even took the extra effort to head to the fish market just to get this sashimi. It was worth it. =)

Left: W's chilli prawn. You know the Singapore chilli crab (W does not agree with the Singapore part though), this is the prawn version of it. It's good, except that there was too much of it. W bought 1 kg two days prior for this dinner. Then, C brought another 2kg of prawns back from work. So right now, there is 3kg of prawns sitting in E's fridge (I reckon about 800g was used for the dish)... There is still a whole barramundi sitting in the fridge that was supposed to be cooked for the dinner but canceled since there was too much food! Right: E's braised pork with taro. Really really delicious. She is a wonder with pork dishes. The pork belly slices and taro slices are first fried to golden, then steamed till soft with a marinate of fermented beancurd, garlic and chilli. E says this is a traditional hakka dish.

Thus complete the holy trinity of vege, pork and seafood, the must-haves during Chinese New Year.

W kindly provided drinks for the night. 1 and 1/2 bottles of white wine. After which the conversation went like this:

C: No more wine for me, I'm going to sleep now. (C exits the kitchen.)

W: Elise, you are so red. hey Heidi, let's put your cousin out on the street holding the ong lai piah (pineapple tarts) on her right and a sign on her left that reads: Welcome! Cai Shen! (welcome, god of prosperity).

H: Yeah, good idea (while pouring Elise her 3rd glass of wine)

W: then she must keep saying: HUAT AH! (發啊!)

Yeah, and Cai Shen will give us 4D numbers...


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