Friday, February 19, 2010


Nazimi was the first Japanese restaurant I have eaten in in Sydney. It was with Stella at that time. Now that I am back again, I think it is quite romantic to go back again for my first dinner in a year with Stella and Kimmy. After all, their maki rolls are so so good. =)

Wakame salad with tofu. There was two kind of seaweed. The dressing was to my liking, the sour, sweet and salt was well balanced. Tofu is soft and silky! though I thought it would be nice if they could drizzle abit of soy sauce over the tofu.

Pan-fried gyoza. This is normal. Thank god it is really pan-fried like it's said in the menu. I do not like deep-fried gyoza.

Volcano rolls. I remember having this the first time I went there. I remember falling in love with it and vowing to return to savour it again. there, there, I'm back. The volcano roll really is just california roll topped with a mash of avocado and salmon, accompanied by thai sweet chilli sauce.

Sun mont blang roll. The name is weird. I suspect the spelling in the menu is off. Mont blang should be spelled Mont blanc right? Anyway, I highly recommend this dish. (Sorry volcano roll, I have a new favourite now.) Let's see if I can still recall correctly. It was a crabmeat and avocado maki, topped with crabmeat tempura and mayonaise and torched. It is crunchy and yet melt in your mouth at the same time.

Grilled marinated wafu steak. Had this the last time too. hmmm, I think it taste normal now. Still good though.

We also had the chilled sweet soba noodle. It tastes like the korean buckwheat noodle. Quite nice actually when you dip it in the salty soya broth. The picture was blur so I threw it away. Heh.

Conclusion: Shall return for the other new maki creation. Who wants to join me?


Opp QVB Level 1, 141 York St.,

Sydney, NSW 2000

Tel: (02) 9283 2990


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