Saturday, February 27, 2010


Elise said niang tou fu is the traditional food to eat every 7th day of Chinese New Year. Funny, I have never heard of even though we are family.

Celebrating Chinese New Year away from your family can be quite an experience. Things that I usually do with my family during Chinese New Year like visiting, collecting red packets, staying up till mid-night to welcome the new year, were denied to me. Feeling really pathetic about it, I decided to indulge in whatever chinese new year activities I can get my hands on.

1) I gorged on Chinese New Year cookies, readily available at Elise's place.
2) I traveled to really far places to get ingredients to recreate chinese new year dishes.
3) I celebrated chinese new year eve with chinese chinese, got a culture shock with it.
4) I went to school, to say Happy Chinese New Year! to my friends.
5) I made niang tou fu despite feeling extremely extremely lazy that day...
Elise and I had different ways of making niang tou fu. Which was surprising really, since we learned it from our mothers who are sisters. (presuming they learned it from the same person, their mother) Being professional chefs that we are, we co-operated well, discussing to add or not to add things that we usually would, discarding all that rigidness that comes with tradition (we are easy-going people afterall). And we produced some really really good niang tou fu. =)


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