Monday, February 15, 2010

My Chinese New Year Eve 2010, Cafe XXII

Never quite thought about what to do during Chinese New Year this year, knowing that I will be spending it away from my family, in a foreign land called Sydney. I imagined it to be like every other day, school, cafes, restaurants, home. But surprise surprise, I did have a good Chinese New Year after all.

Morning of the Eve: Had 1/2 dozen pacific oysters for breakfast at the Fish Market. Really fresh, really sweet. We actually came to the Fish Market with the single purpose to buy some sashimi back for Yu Sheng, but due to mis-planning (on my part), we didn't buy the sashimi. We ate lots of fresh oysters.

Then we walked from the Fish Market to Pyrmont. I have always wanted to try this cafe out, seeing how it is always packed in the mornings. XXII. That's the name of the cafe. I can't read the roman numerals.. They have quite an impressive menu for a cafe. Wagyu steak sandwich, sounds yumm. Shall try it next time since I'm still quite stuffed by the oysters.

Cappuccino. Excellent coffee and milk. Beautiful latte art.

Toasted Muesli with fresh fruits, yogurt and passionfruit jelly. It looks gorgeous with all the different colours from the fruits, and sounds real healthy. On my first bite, I thought I could eat this every day for breakfast, it was absolutely wonderful. Then I looked at the spanish omelette and toasted brioche on the next table, well, maybe not.

Toasted banana bread with marscapone and honey. Banana bread is very light and banana-y, though I doubt they used real bananas in this; I don't see the banana fibres at all. Tastes alright though. But when you lather marscapone and honey on it, tastes real good.

XXII, union street, pyrmont, Sydney,

After abit of window-shopping in the city, E and I headed down to West Ryde, to her friend's place for the New Year Eve dinner. It was a large dinner, 16 people. Only one chef though, the one in the chef jacket.

We all helped out in making dumplings, chinese style, pork and beef. I learned how to properly wrap a dumpling. It was fun! 200 dumplings was made in all. =)

Afterward was a blur. There was so much food! Mabo tofu, chilli pork belly, steamed fish and ofcourse, hotpot. wow. Thank you Fiona for inviting us!

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Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I just went to this cafe (my second time) 2 week ago. I had the toasted banana bread too. I felt disappointed since the banana tasted artificial (I think its not much banana like u thought). And when I spread the mascapone and honey, its too sweet for me. But the coffee was nice. And I also saw the Toasted Muesli with fruits at the table nearby... looks ''wow''. I think I will try it next time if I go there :D

Now u made me wanna eat Oyster..haha