Friday, November 21, 2008

Gingerbread House

Christmas is coming! Theme for this week is The Gingerbread House~

First we make the gingerbread dough and pin it out into sheets to bake. After it is baked, we attempt to cut it into the shapes (roof, walls, chimney etc..) Then we make icing sugar (a combination of egg whites and icing sugar) as means to stick the pieces together. The sticks poking out from the gingerbread house are to hold them together before the icing dries. Looks quite scary huh, like some voodoo house (or so kimmy says).

We had such an excess of time during the lesson that we made honey lemon tea for the class. Waaaaa.

And time to idle around, to take many pictures..

From left: Efsun (Turkey), Eduardo (Venezuela), Stella (Philippines) and Kimmy (Indonesia).

Hong wants to stuff the pastry brush up Kimmy's nose to revenge Kimmy for sticking the brush in his eye.

Our Gingerbread House, decorated with icing sugar, candies and smarties.

Heidi's love nest.

Why love? There.

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