Sunday, November 16, 2008

Il greco- Midtown cafe

Friday night is outing night! Whee~
While waiting for the bus, I got Stella to do a series of "AEIOU". She actually agreed! muahaha, now I have a couple of picture that I can blackmail her with.

Arriving at the cafe, which is located along George street, next to KFC. It's newly opened, I think. Very pretty deco inside, with shimmery lights and all. Banana smoothie!

The food: is not great. For the price, I would expect better standards. Pork and fennel sausages is $18. Just two sausages with a bunch of salas leaves. The steak was almost well-done although Stella asked for medium. My penne was too dry, very difficult to swallow. I gave up halfway. Only the smoked salmon and tomato bruchetta was satisfactory. ._.

Kimmy, the one who got us here for its seafood risotto, was also disappointed. Sam just look bored. He worked in an Italian restaurant before, so he must be bored by all these food. haha.

This is sooo cute! We found it at the basement Japanese supermarket, after dinner. Similar to the Japanese sweet store in Takashimaya in Singapore, this store makes them fresh.

Taiyaki in anpan man shape. haha. I'm spouting rubbish. Filled with pastry cream. I bought a box of 10 for $7, getting-rid-of-leftovers promotion. Which means these little men were probably seating around for quite some time, therefore not piping hot when we were eating it, but still good!

Because we were still hungry from the "blah" dinner, we hopped down to Chinatown to feast at their night market. I ate ba kwa!! hmmm...


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