Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kam Fook

Stella, me, Ja and Kimmy ate dim sum at Kam Fook. And watched the ridiculously abrupt Burn After Reading afterward. We did lots of window shopping too. heehee, a girls' date.

Dim sum, the first round. Followed by many seconds which I failed to capture in my camera due to overzealous eating. The only dish that we all disagreed on was the Xiao long bao. It was dry and mush. Other than that, the rest of the dim sum were good!

Desserts. Egg tarts! Mango pudding! Bean curd! Oh, how I miss you so!
Immediately after lunch, we caught Burn After Reading and left the cinema with a big HUH? on our faces. All that trouble for a stupid plastic surgery. Ofcourse there are the underlying social issues that I think the directors want to highlight how stupid they were, but they are lost on me. I just kept thinking why did Brad Pitt have to die so early?

Anyway, we walked alot after the movie to window shop while Kimmy does the actual shopping work, until dinnertime. We dined at Pattison's which Chef Karen aparently is crazy about. Pattison's is a cafe cum patisserie which has a few branches in Sydney.

Date scone (Ja), Cheesetart (Stella), Palmier (Kimmy) and Salmon quiche (me).

Bloated till the point of puking, we went home.


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