Friday, November 21, 2008

Panetonne, Stollen and Foccacia

This whole week seems very Christmassy. 2 other Christmas items: Panetonne (Italy) and Stollen (France, Swiss, Germany, that Europe area). Oh, and Foccacia. One of my favourite bready!

This weeks's student helpers: Soo Jin and Heidi.

The panetonne made the day before and left in the fridge to be retarded. Baked and eaten on the second day. Nice, quite like the brioche except it has got lots of extra stuff like sultannas, dried fruits.

Stollen. A fruit bread stuffed with marzipan and baked together. I find this bread is quite similar to panetonne, but it has got much less butter and ofcourse this has marzipan.

Wrap, roll and seal. Then shape. bam bam bam.

After it is baked, you cut it like a pro with the bready knife. Chef Herve is demonstrating.

HOHOHO, foccacia. Chef says he finds it very close to the pizza dough except that this is much much thicker.

Topped with olives, basil, thyme and majoram.


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