Monday, May 5, 2008

Dinners for the week. 01-04.05.2008

And that, concludes my first week at Le Cordon Bleu. Not too bad I must say. My fridge is stuffed with cakes and scones (I finished all the madaleines :D) even after giving half of them away to neighbours and strangers. sigh. My next four days were spent on finishing the scones and cakes, not to mention the friands. We threw the leftovers out by the end of the week. What a waste.

Thursday 01/05: We tried to cook Nasi Briyani using a Nasi Goreng mix. Turned out quite good. Boiled some broccoli and carrot to go with it.
Friday 02/05: Stella made this savoury Philippino dish, green bean with pork soup that is eaten with rice. Really delicious. And healthy too.
Saturday 03/05: My turn this time. I made tenzaru udon. Not bad except that my yasai tempura are soggy with oil. haha. I fried them on too low heat.
Sunday 04/05: Stella made another Philippino dish for dinner. She used a tamarind mix and milk fish to cook a soup. Eaten with rice too. A tad too sour for my liking. The fish has too many bones too, to be eaten with leisure.

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