Thursday, May 8, 2008

House Breaking

I have officially broke into my house today. Because someone and someone had so much free time that they watched drama serial for the whole day, and in turn, the sappy lovey contents turned them into hormonal girls. As a result, they both forgot to bring their keys out. So yes, I became spiderman for one day and broke into my house. Thank god for that or Stella and I will be sleeping on the streets tonight. haha.

We ate dinner at this cute little korean cafe at Eastwood.
Rice cake with chili paste.
I call it fish cake but they termed it sausage. It taste like a fish cake.
After dinner, we chose to walk home (a 40min long walk) for 2 simple reasons. One, we are getting too fat. And we have simply too much time to waste on a day like this. :D I will find more things to do. I have to or I will go mad.


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