Monday, May 5, 2008

Fruit scones, cheese scones, madaleines, friands. 29.04.2008

Tuesday lesson, we have Chef Carin (Switzerland) and Chef Olivere (France).
Savoury Cheese Scones, in which we used the rub-in method and substituted the milk with skim milk powder. Personally, I prefer the rub-in method. I think it taste better. Chef Carin's scones.
Fruit/ Raisins Scones with piped Chantilly.
Madaleines at the front, Friands or Financiers at the back. Madaleines are easy to make, but it is hard to get the shape right. I got it right though, haha.
My babies! We made alot of scones. One person can at least bring home 12 scones. So you can imagine how many scones Stella and I brought home. We spent the next day giving out scones to our neighbours.
My perfect Madeleine. It's funny really, I added the beurre noisette to the madaleine batter which is really suppose to be for friands, but my madaleines actually turned out to have the right shape, taste, texture and all. See, mistakes are not all bad. Even Chef Carin said she should add some cooked butter into her madaleines next time.

Sushi for dinner. And needless to say, I made them. The original rice filling for the beancurd sushi was substituted with carrots, cucumber and avocado for I ran out of rice. Yumm.
Sydney looks like that at 5.30pm. And I sleep at approximately 9pm every night. -_-End.

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