Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sables Hollander, Sables Diamantes.

Bonjour! heehee, I am super blogging now since I have nothing to do for the rest of the week. :D I am free! There's a class outing this coming friday though, at a korean restaurant. :) My class is fun. 5 Koreans, 3 Thais, 3 Singaporeans (me included), 1 Brazilian, 1 Venezuelan , 1 Philippine (my roommate) and 1 Indonesian. A good mix I say.

Chef Michael prepared these goodies in less than 2 hours. We had pate sables today which means short pastry in french. The checkered board looking biscuit is a Dutch biscuit called Sables Hollander. The plain round ones are sables diamantes which translates to diamond pastry in french.
Sables Diamantes with piped chocolate on it. I am so going to get a sore-throat soon. By Chef Michael.
My Hollander biscuits. :D I need to practice on my cutting skills. A lot of my biscuits are not equal in size. :(
Sables Diamantes overdone. I forgot about them. heehee, Chef Michael was like: how many times did I remind you? Aiyoh..
This is the kind of view you get when your school is situated on top of a bloody hill. It's beautiful isn't it?


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mitch said...

hi. nice to know that your roommate is a filipina. i am too. hope you can send your recipes to my email add thanks.