Monday, May 5, 2008

Tart aux fruit, Tart aux pommes 05.05.2008

Second week now! Today's lesson is on tarts. We'll be making a fruit tart, which is blind baked before filling with creme patiserrie and decorating with fruits and glaze, and an apple tart, which is filled with frangipane then topped with sliced apple before baking together. We only got to try the fruit tart though, due to time constraint and inefficiency on our part.

Tart aux pommes or aka apple tart. The frangipane filling underneath gives it a cake-like texture with an almond aroma. hmmm. By Chef Keith.
Presenting my very own Tart aux fruit! I kept back the strawberries for my own consumption. haha.
Looks good?
Stella's birthday today. So i treated her to Korean fare. Sydney is like a little Korea. Seriously.
Beef Bulgolgi.

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Bean Sprout said...

oh.....stella's birthday...never let me know..then i definitely join ur party..(if u guys dont mind hehe...)