Sunday, May 11, 2008

Welcome to my humble abode. =D

Okay, here it is. My current address. heehee. Welcome.

That's the door with the shoe rack. Shoe rack costs 30 bucks. Discounted since we took the display piece. Chairs were given to us by our neighbours. We had them over for desserts one day, and had them kneeling like Japanese. haha. Naomi was alright. (She is Japanese after all.) But Roneel was twisting and wriggling through out. The next thing we knew, we've got chairs. haha. They are pretty good people.

The living area. Originally, we didn't have any chairs in our place. Even now, we hardly use chairs. We sit there for lunch, dinner, computer etc.

Table, for bigger stuff that we can't do in the kitchen. Our kitchen is really puny. Cookies anyone?

Ah, the puny kitchen. One already is a crowd. Fridge is brand-new. We bought it at 500, including delivery. We decided that we need a good sized fridge since we will need to store alot of things. Creams, cakes, breads, puddings. There's the stove also, with grill and oven function.

Pass the kitchen, you'll see the toilet. One toilet for us both to share. No conflicts at the moment. Note the zebra shower curtains, cute yeah? 20 bucks. We laid a yoga mat on the floor to encourage more toilet activity. Previously, we only use the toilet when the need is urgent. cause the floor is really icy cold. It keeps you hopping . Washing machine, we got it third hand at 100 bucks. It's a bargain. 4kg load. Delivery at 60 bucks. What the hell right.My room. I sleep on an air bed, pretty comfortable. Shelf and storage box are all from Ikea. And I fixed them all by myself. (with a little help here and there from Stella. :D)

Front view of the shelf. It has good storage huh.

A necessity. :)
So whadya think? :D


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