Monday, May 5, 2008

Genoise Sponge and Weekend Gateau. 30.04.2008

Wednesday classes will be led my Chef Michael Matar (Belgium). He is very theory-based Theories and more theories through out the demo and practical. And I thought I can escape theory by taking pastisserie. Lesson content: Genoise Sponge and Weekend Gateau.

Two variations of decorating the Genoise Sponge. By Chef Michael. Genoise Sponge is also known as the French sponge cake or European sponge cake. A very versatile cake base.
Weekend Gateau, also known as Pound cake or Butter cake, with a citrus glaze. By Chef Michael.
My Genoise Sponge! heehee, it failed. I overmixed the batter and it collapsed, giving two very flat cakes which I combined to give one decorated cake. I accidentally smashed the Chantilly cream at the back, haha.
Stella's successful, fluffy French Sponge. Beautifully decorated too. She's an old hand at baking and decorating.


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