Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soft bread rolls, crusty bread rolls.

Weird huh. After seeing all the beautiful pastries on my blog, how come nobody asks for the recipes? I wouldn't mind giving them out. I don't think it is any form of infringement of copyright to Le Cordon Bleu. I mean they can't ban me from using their recipes after I graduate right? So please, feel free to ask for recipes. :D

Karin Rechsteiner, my favourite Tuesday chef, demonstrating crusty bread rolls.
Various shapes and sizes of crusty rolls, and an epi and a baguette. Breads are really fussy. Breads made from the same dough can be called different names just because they are shaped differently or finished differently. Fussy breads. By Chef Karin and Chef Olivere.
A nursery of breads. My crusty rolls are somewhere in the lot.
All mine, muahaha. On the top, turtle soft roll and treble clef soft roll.
We originally planned to go for a flour lecture after class. But since chef said that it will be covered in our syllabus, we decided to head down to Eastwood to grab some kitchen supplies. We feel bad to keep borrowing from our classmates.

Therefore, lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Doesn't look like a Japanese restaurant yeah? Which Japanese restaurant serve Korean appetizers? They don't go well with Japanese cuisine, with some exceptions ofcourse.
Stella ordered tonkatsu don. A ridiculously large and flat piece of tonkatsu. $15.
My tempura (soggy) udon. $12.The dinner I made was much better. Not exactly a chirashi-don, I had shredded cucumber, blanched sprouts, tamago and minced pork on top of rice. With a bowl of miso soup. Bon appetit.End.


mitch said...

can i please have the recipe of the crusty rolls? kindly email to mpm_alcon@yahoo.com .thanks.

Jess said...

Hi Heidi! So happy to come across your blog and find someone who's so kind to share. Could I also please get the recipe for these crusty bread rolls? lilbunnyjess@hotmail.com
They look great!

Unknown said...

hi Heidi, you bread looks great.
mind to share the recipe for the soft bread rolls?
kindly email to: lydia_ey1@yahoo.com

Thank you